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Early 2017 - 2018

My role has been one of a general technical lead for CourseArc. I've led efforts related to designing and implementing a stable and scalable infrastructure, foundations for a CI/CD pipeline, monitoring systems, ChatOps support, etc. It's all orchestrated and maintained via a Node.js CLI project, which utilizes tools such as Terraform and Ansible to automate an immutable infrastructure in AWS, for multiple auto-scaled environments in isolated VPCs. I've also led efforts around improvements in the application layer for all sites and services, moving towards scalable microservices, components, and better support for automated testing, integration, and deployment.



This is a project that was very much based on personal need. I started developing macOSa at some point in 2016 to help ease the pains of maintaining my own Mac workstation(s). It's built on bash, Ansible, and Python. It provides an easy and quick way to get up-and-running with a new OSX or macOS install just the way you need it, as well as providing an easy way of maintaining the state of your workstation. I've been using it regularly since 2016 with a lot of success. I've been able to set up new Mac workstations with everything I need in just a few hours, and most of that time I can spend doing other things. It just runs and works for me for the most part. It's also helped in auditing changes I've made on any given machine. I hope to continue to make it even better with features such as manual-change awareness, UIs for non-techy folk, and network-based provisioning/management.


Late 2016 - End of 2017

I love maps and getting out on the trail, so when I ran in to some guys that were working on this project in my neck of the woods here in Colorado, I jumped at the chance to help out. Traildock is an open trail data and mapping platform. The effort had no dedicated technical lead, so I took on the role. One of the first efforts was to get an API up-and-running for capturing and digesting trail-related data. I made use of, Node.js tools, MongoDB, and S3/CloudFront. There's also a generic layer for integrating with other trail data sources such as OpenStreetMap. I also spent a good deal of time setting up infrastructure and ops-related tools and services. Builds and deployments are automated. All services are containerized and managed via a custom Rancher install.

I also started work on some mobile/native efforts for this project, including some prototyping work in React Native.